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"Wyr" is the codename for an adult fantasy series in progress.   It portrays the clash between a captured male slave and his cruel aristocratic owner.   Wyr's struggles and his subsequent degredation of willpower, spirit, and strength echo the abuse and uncaring attitude of the society in which he belongs.

This series is currently in progress and will be available by Spring 2008 (tentative).

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Wyr is a young man living in wealth and privilege before a criminal conviction plunges him into the horrid life of a "kept" male.   His owner, the sadistic Lord Kaylen, keeps him locked in a room from which he is taken only when being roughly used and abused.   Over time, Wyr tries to become close with Lord Kaylen's brother, Faolin, who (so Wyr believes) is as opposite to his brother as day is to night.   Little does Wyr know, Faolin has his own very unique issues; but for the time being, Wyr pins all his hopes on achieving freedom through Faolin's apparent sense of justice and mercy.   Their interaction brings a confrontation between the two brothers, and exposes a secret side not only of Faolin but of Wyr himself.

Project Notes:

The first book of this series, Broken (working title), has been submitted to Yaoi House and is tentatively scheduled for publication by Spring 2008.

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