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Writing by A.M. Coy

I wear a lot of hats in my professional life, but one of my favorites is the author-hat.   (It's covered in bright blue pencil-scrawls and comes with an auto-edit feature.)   I enjoy writing nearly anything and will gladly immerse myself in any genre from poems to porn, nonfiction to fantasy, cyberpunk to children's stories.   If this seems like an unusual combination, don't worry--it is.   I enjoy being multifaceted and strange unconventional.

At this point you may be wondering, "How can you possibly write children's stories and porn?"   You're probably also somewhat worried about what I put in my children's stories.   LOL!

Not to fear; my genres are kept in their neat, separate boxes.   The works for adults are hard-core and yaoi, but the youngsters' stories are clean enough to eat on.   How can that be?   Just a completely different mindset when creating them.   It's sort of like the difference between stirring up a pudding or broiling a piece of meat.   You wouldn't use the same methods, tools, or mindset for making those, just as I don't when writing in different genres.

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August 2014, added "Social Links"; switched fancy capital letters to actual, well, letters; updated location for ~Lantian/Flox~; added Fanfic and Malakim page.

Oct 2013, Filter Forge stuff added to Downloads and Freebies page.

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