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This website, like most websites, has a "clickwrap" agreement.   By viewing this website, you agree to its Terms of Use.   So let's take a timeout for some serious / legalese stuff.

Website Terms of Use

I'll keep this very simple: before "borrowing" or using any part of this website, you agree to get my permission in writing.   (My contact info can be found here.)   If you use any part without permission, you understand that you will be penalized, billed, bitten, and probably sued for illegal use.   That may seem rather harsh, but here's why: I put hours and hours of work, effort, and occasional cursing into this site.   It literally keeps food on my table.   So if anyone wants to take that, it seems only fair that they ask my permission first.   It's called respect.

I do accept the Fair Use policy of U. S. copyright law, allowing for limited portions to be used (with credit) in reviews, academic works, etc..   I define "limited portions" loosely as no more than 10% of the content on a given page or 1000 consecutive characters, whichever is less, and ask that my name (A.M. Coy) and website (Coyfox.com) be included with said content.

This does not mean you can copy the website and claim you did it for an English project.   See "respect" comment, above.

This page:   Copyright Statement  |  Privacy Policy  |  Disclaimer  

Copyright Statement

All contents of this website and of Coyfox.com, unless specifically marked otherwise, are created by and property of A.M. Coy.   This includes all text, graphics, layout, and computer code.   To put it succinctly:
Coyfox.com is ©2006-2015 A.M. Coy - All Rights Reserved.   Use or reproduction in any form without prior, written permission is prohibited by law.
Respect my property and I'll respect yours.   That's the key.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important.   I believe that, and I hold strictly to it.
I will not collect, sell, trade, buy or otherwise mess with your personal information.
I do have anonymous server data, like when and how often the pages were loaded.   That's a standard thing almost every server does automatically.   But even that anonymous information is kept private.   There are no tracking cookies, secret codes, annoying popups, spam, or *^#@$! spyware. (I hate that stuff!)

There is a mailing list.   If you want to be on it, you have to join it yourself.   I won't add you without your permission.   And I won't tell anyone your email address, even if they offer to buy it.   (Because I hate that stuff!)

There is a contact form.   If you use it, you might tell me your name or email address.   The server might tell me your IP address.   I might psychically guess your astrological sign, pet's name, shirt color, or college roommate's GPA.   But none of that info will be sold or shared, either.   (Because--you guessed it--I hate that stuff!)

Also: the social media links are powered by a website which might track your clicks. I have nothing to do with this, never see the data, and cannot prevent it. Sorry, wish I could.

Basically, all the annoying stuff that other websites do, I don't do.   Because it annoys me, too.   Your privacy is protected because that's the way I like it, and that's the way it ought to be.   End of story.

Blanket Disclaimer

I'm not your mommy.   If you somehow hurt yourself, your computer, or someone else by browsing my site, that's your problem.   You won't sue me.   By using this site, you agree to those terms.   To put that in legalese:
You agree to indemnify and hold harmless me, my descendants, or assigns for damages resulting directly or indirectly from use of this website.
For example:

  • If you're sick, hurt, or crazy go to a doctor.   I might give advice, but I'm not a professional.

  • I give no warranty that the information in this site is 100% factual, relevent, nontoxic, or even coherent.   If you're not sure about something, look it up.   Plus, for the love of Mike, use common sense!

  • This site gives links to other sites, including e-commerce websites that sell things.   I am not responsible for these sites.   If they rip you off or sell your personal info, take it up with them.   The only exception is Coy o'Teas, which is all mine.   And I don't intend to rip you off.   Kinda hard to make an honest living that way.

  • This site may contain comments or statements posted by other people, like in a guestbook or chatroom.   I can't control what other people say.   So if some of these remarks offend you, take it up with the individual who said it.  In some cases, I will step in and delete the offending statement or ban the person in question.   But I try not to censor unduly.   If you're concerned about this, get a parental filter.

  • This site, except for the "Young Adult" area, is intended for adults.   If you are not of legal age, you must obtain permission from your parent or legal guardian before accessing this site.   There might be naughty words, ideas, or pictures to corrupt your poor, helpless brain.

  • If you've read this far, you're paying way too much attention to this.   It's just a bunch of legalese to cover my rear.   So go find something fun to do like browse the gifts section.

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