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This page is about nonfiction by A.M. Coy.   At the present, all that I have is a quasi-reference "How To" book about reading tea leaves.   What, you ask, is reading tea leaves?   Well, buy the book! :P

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Tea Leaf Reading Tea Leaf Reading for the Terminally Curious: A Basic How-To Guide by A.M. Coy

Reading tea leaves is a time-honored method of telling the future, or at least passing the time at boring parties.   This irreverent guide introduces the beginner to the basics of tea preparation and divination.   Includes a glossary of symbols and meanings with illustrations. Humor, New Age.

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August 2014, added "Social Links"; switched fancy capital letters to actual, well, letters; updated location for ~Lantian/Flox~; added Fanfic and Malakim page.

Oct 2013, Filter Forge stuff added to Downloads and Freebies page.

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