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In my head, for twenty years, I have had angels. Not the happy babes in diapers you find on Valentine's cards. No, these are kick-ass angels: huge warriors with massive wings, weapons, and attitudes. There are gentle ones, too, but they don't stand out as much.

I call this project, collectively, the Malakim Project... because "malakim" is Hebrew for "angels," and because that is what my Muses call themselves.

This series is currently in planning.

In the meantime, enjoy the background info:

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Project Notes:

This is one of those rare, precious examples where the Muses are so strong, they dictate exactly what to say. While I wait for a storyline, I build the background by observing my Muses' lives. (Yes... for 20 years, I've been waiting and observing.)

It should be noted especially that the malakim are not affiliated with any religion, including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, New Age, or anything else. In fact, their behavior goes sharply against what most "religious" people today would consider acceptable.


As a footnote, there are some fanfiction stories similar to this project, based on the Dominion series on Syfy. (The temptation was too great to resist, but I must admit that I worked huge doses of Malakim Project into the Dominion setting and characters.)


The following are key elements of the Malakim Project. If you choose to write in this genre, I ask that you follow these observations (plus, include a link to this page). You can also Contact Me for more details.

Let me make this clear:
All concepts, characters, and backstory of the Malakim Project are
© 2014 A. M. Coy - All Rights Reserved

That said, I am hereby granting permission for anyone to use them in their own creations for noncommercial purposes (please acknowledge me and link to this page). Any other use, including published works, will require specific, prior permission. Thank you.

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