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Gifts with a Coyfox Flair

Here are links to various gifts, shiny things you can give your loved ones (or yourself!).   What's unique about these gifts is that all of them are made (most by paw) by A.M. Coy.   Why is this significant?

Um, well... it makes them significant to me...   And besides, if you buy them, that keeps food on my table.   Which makes for a very happy Coyfox!

And buying presents for your friends makes them happy, too!   So you see, gifts make everyone happy! :3

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August 2014, added "Social Links"; switched fancy capital letters to actual, well, letters; updated location for ~Lantian/Flox~; added Fanfic and Malakim page.

Oct 2013, Filter Forge stuff added to Downloads and Freebies page.

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