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"Futureworld" is the codename for a cyberpunk series in progress.   It depicts the struggles of a future society with topics that are familiar today: war vs. peace, rich vs. poor, government vs. individual rights, and technology vs. nature.

The series takes place in a 2044 International Community, after a barrage of natural and manmade disasters has dispersed thousands of refugees and chained society irrevocably to the crutch (and yoke) of technology.   Revolutionary forces capture a government agent named Terryn and bring him to their commander, a mysterious figure known as Rei.   The clash of Rei's disdain and Terryn's respect for their mutual government serves as the backdrop for the larger struggle between Rei's forces and Terryn's fellow agents.

Naturally, since it's a lemon yaoi piece, there is sex.   Rei uses his position of dominance to force Terryn into physical acts of pleasure.   Terryn resists, but his injuries cripple any defiance he can offer.   Rei rapidly comes to regret Terryn's suffering, however, and instead helps him heal.   An uneasy trust (and passion) grows gradually between them.   But when a fellow agent is discovered among Rei's comrades, their truce is put to the test.   Terryn's response, and Rei's subsequent reactions, demonstrate how profoundly each has affected the other.

This series is currently in progress.

In the meantime, enjoy the background info site known as:

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Project Notes:

With this series, I'm going to try an experiment: I intend to release the yaoi, adult version; then rewrite it to more general-audience, R-rated version.   Why? Because I want the story to be available to more than just fans of yaoi.   (Apparently not everyone likes man-lovin'! Imagine...)   The story is so much more than sex, that I believe it will survive the transition.


As a footnote, there is a yaoi "fanfiction" story similar to this project, based on the Ghost in the Shell world of Shirow Masamune.   It is significantly different, but available by special request. Please contact me if you're interested.

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