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So, you may be asking, what sort of fiction does A.M. Coy write?   Well, I write a lot of fantasy, some science fiction/cyberpunk, and some cross-genre stuff. And yes, I admit, some of what I write is fanfiction. (Some even starts as fanfic and ends up being original. Others become chewtoys.)

Most of what I have available is adult fiction, specifically lemon yaoi.   Yaoi is also known as "slash."   The stories have men doing manly things to each other.   Sometimes with lube.   My yaoi in particular tends to be dark, hardcore, explicit, and filled with fetishes.   Why? Because normal stuff bores me.

I have plenty of general-audience, non-yaoi fiction.   I simply haven't done the work of editing and posting (or publishing) them.   They're "not ready yet" and possibly never will be.   But you're welcome to contact me if you're interested.

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August 2014, added "Social Links"; switched fancy capital letters to actual, well, letters; updated location for ~Lantian/Flox~; added Fanfic and Malakim page.

Oct 2013, Filter Forge stuff added to Downloads and Freebies page.

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