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FanFiction & Art

Yes, yes, I admit it... I write fanfiction (under the name "AimlessCoyote"). Sometimes I am so inspired by boredom a series' intensity that I must create more of it. In so doing, I usually tangle it into my own framework, to make it uniquely mine.

For that reason, most of my fanfic goes on to become original fic. Hey, before you "boo" me, realize that's how 50 Shades of Gray started. (No, really!)

All 95% of my fanfic is gay or hermaphrodite. Most is NSFW / NC-17 with explicit and graphic sexuality, violence, and fetishes. You have been warned!

Fandoms:     Dominion  |  Ghost in the Shell  |  Samurai Champloo  


The Dominion series debuted June 2014 on Syfy Channel. In a nutshell, it features kickass angels fighting humankind. (This is right up my alley, since I've been working on the Malakim Project for years.) The Archangel Michael is dedicated to protecting humanity; his brother Gabriel is bent on destroying it.

Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell is a cyberpunk series featuring good-looking guys with guns. I'm sure there's more involved too, I just get easily distracted.

Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo was a series about a wandering samurai named Jin, an obstreperous fighter named Mugen, and an idiot named Fuu.

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August 2014, added "Social Links"; switched fancy capital letters to actual, well, letters; updated location for ~Lantian/Flox~; added Fanfic and Malakim page.

Oct 2013, Filter Forge stuff added to Downloads and Freebies page.

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