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Conservation & Causes

Conservation is a priority passed down from our ancestors, passed on to our children, but largely passed over by recent generations.   Across the world, millions of animals and plants have become endangered.   The air and water are unclean, the earth torn open, forests stripped, and creatures hunted for sport.   The Earth really needs our help.

That's why it is my pledge, and my pride, to contribute toward conservation.   Up to 10% of proceeds from all my websites, sales, and businesses go toward environmental causes.   It may not be much, but I do what I can to preserve our precious natural resources.   In the past I have contributed to all of the links below.

It the responsibility of us all to protect and heal the Earth.   After all, she's the only home we have.

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Free Causes - costs you nothing to help!

Help The Environment

Your click below gives free donations to 10+ great causes dedicated to helping the environment!

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The Animal Rescue SiteThe Animal Rescue Site  

The Rainforest SiteThe Rainforest Site  

Big Cat RescueBig Cat Rescue  

Help Save Animals!

Your click below gives free donations to 5+ great causes dedicated to saving animals!

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Donation Causes - contribute to conservation efforts


Cheetah Conservation Fund

images ©2006 Cheetah Conservation Fund


The National Arbor Day Foundation


The Nature Conservancy

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